England Language Schools

England Language Schools Programme and Registration Process

Today England Language Schools serving with well-established structures in all cities of the country. If you want to learn English as your first language received your studies abroad in England.

As is known, study abroad, are covered as the first priority in the full development of language skills. In the abroad have gained validity as the most effective method of training for permanent English UK is a separate matter, a separate location for an image, in the preferred due to the benefits of these features after training always leads to being first.

This is the main objective of the training already, to create change in your life after training and equipment to provide you with benefits. England, offers a full response to your expectations in this regard.

Below you will find the description of language schools operating in the UK. You can also get our FREE information outside training consultants explanations. You can send the form on our Contact Us page, or you can provide a phone interview immediately.

Elcor England Language schools of England’s established educational institution: ELC, since 1961, including more than 45 university campuses continue to provide training in the best standards in more than 50 cities. Years of experience and the experienced staff ELC, a curriculum which was held unique, textbooks and developed a language learning software has become a brand. With the participation of 140 students from different countries of the world has taken its place among the most preferred language schools in many countries.

Britain’s Edinburgh, London, Manchester and York are centers in the city. Elcin Language Schools There are many program options that are organized for you: General English, Business English, Intensive English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses.

Elcin Edinburgh

Elcin Edinburgh, founded in 2002, has adopted the principle of high quality English education.The best opportunities for the city to get a quality education offers a way for you.

Elcin Edinburgh UK language schools, while proving the quality of education that is located on George Street, the most prestigious streets in the other hand. If you want to improve your English in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the UK is the right place here.

The opportunities provided to the students in the school:

TECHNOLOGICAL renewal preserves the interactive projectors or interactive whiteboards …

Fourteen modern classrooms raise the standard of education,

PC connection, large plasma-screen TVs, laptop computers, DVD players, all the possibilities of computer technologies such as Wi-Fi connection ..

Equipped for the purpose of easier and more reliable access to libraries of all intermediate ones waiting for you …

We will give special privileges for Executive Education Center,

And Edinburgh Castle and the historic Old Town is giving every hour of the day with a spectacular view.

Elca London

Elcin England Language Schools offers you many opportunities valued students:

41 classrooms, interactive whiteboards and projectors or interactive.

Gradual learning materials, exam practice materials and a well-stocked library with a wide range of students in terms of audio-visual resources

Wireless Internet service in public schools

Free Internet, printing, scanning, faxing, free Wi-Fi, a daily newspaper, TV, free tea, coffee and serving hot and cold meals throughout the day canteen, coffee room

ELC Manchester

Founded in 1991, Manchester Academy of İngilizce each year provides training to students from more than 50 nations from different countries. Manchester language school, high quality staff at your side with experienced teachers to learn English. Language education in the UK offers spectacular amenities and cosmopolitan with Manchester City in. Oh surely learn a lot about this school has a special place among the UK language schools.

ELC York

Elcin York is experienced English training center. You have to find the UK’s most beautiful and historic English school located in one of the places safe and friendly place that invites York.

British language schoolstiger-logo

British language schools


40 years of experience with America’s worldwide quality language schools providing education, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, such as English

has branches in countries where the main language spoken. Because it is the most recommended language school every year 30,000 students decide to learn the language with Embassy language schools. There are many different ways to learn English. But certainly face to face, learn literal English education is the most effective and lasting way.

The last 40 years the world’s most exciting place, just in English-speaking environment, excellent and high quality education is offered to you with professional teachers. Embassy of the expert teaching staff is focused on making highly interactive lessons using the latest technology. Online learning platform through the student materials, you can access your homework and look at your language level.

Embassy language school in England I is designed to help academic or professional career. Organizes various activities program for the development of your English outside of class, language, you become familiar with the culture of your city while learning contributes.Embassy if they want education students at CES in the school’s various interviews homestay set of results, shared can provide accommodation in apartments or in the country.


Which has opened its first branch in 1991 in Malta EC İngilizce short time in the world’s most popular malls have started to become active in countries where English was born. Allows you to have knowledge of English are targeting students with approximately 20 years of experience. USA, Canada, Malta, the United Kingdom and with 17 branches in South Africa ECU İngilizce expert in both English and French education, opens the door to a new world to you with an experienced team.

EC of the UK language school offers many opportunities for students to receive training in the best way; modern classrooms, state, library, study rooms, college and university visits, art education.

General English, Intensive English, Business English, IELTS-TOEFL courses, programs are implemented as a one to one courses.

Ec Brighton:  

Programs Courses Offered: General / Intensive English, Business English, One to One course, Cambridge / IELTS exam preparation courses, Academic English, Business English Year

Ec Bristol:  

Programs Courses Offered: General / Intensive English, Business English, One to One course, Cambridge / IELTS exam preparation courses, Academic English, Business English Year

Ec Cambridge:

Programs Courses Offered: General / Intensive English, Business English, One to One course, Cambridge / IELTS exam preparation courses, Academic English, Business English Year

Ec London: Courses Offered Programs: General / Intensive English, Business English, One to One course, Cambridge / IELTS exam preparation courses, Academic English, Business English Year

Ec Oxford:  

Programs Courses Offered: General / Intensive English Afternoon English, Business English, One to One course, Cambridge / IELTS / TOEFL preparation courses, Academic English

I nternational house:

With 60 years of experience and experienced staff learn English as you wish. The country, as well as provide training in English by organizing social activities and allows you to get to know. By using this social practice, the theoretical knowledge you have learned English through activities can have a more fluent accent. Even easier for you to get education in a country where English is spoken as a native language studies.

If you want a wide range of programs to regulate International House Language School at the request of individuals can more easily develop your ability to provide professional general language or step you take, you can choose from any program benefits. The doors of quality education by experienced teaching staff opens you up to the end.

Students language training rate in order to improve both their social aspects, while learning to make both enjoyable England Language Schools International House   organizes a wide range of social activities program and excursions. The institution is also the possibility that socialization has consistently television and DVD player in the cafe area, also available to students during their school computers with internet access.

England LSBF (London School of Business & Finance) Language School:

Founded in 2003, Europe’s fastest-growing, extremely open to innovation, professional staff LSBF, bringing you the language training your dreams. LSB is’ s International Business Law Master Program is supported by Financal Times in 2009 and in 2010 ‘years of schooling’ was awarded.

Through this award, which has proven its success in the field with lsbı offered by quality and unique training students a high level of knowledge and culture is becoming individuals. LSBF School of Languages, to move his career internationally, and will appeal to individuals who want to climb the ladder of success in this direction. LSBF course options;

  • General English for Professionals
  • Academic English & University Entrance
  • Business English; International Business Communication, Finance and Accounting or Law based
  • IELTS preparation courses
  • Special prepared to People Management Courses
  • Special Prepared to Meet Corporate Group Courses


LSI’s, there are many language schools worldwide. UK, Canada, USA, Malta, you can learn English in our schools in developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia. LSILanguage Schools in England   is situated in the city center close to countries where a large number of transport links and students have the option activity LSI Language School are among the features that make attractive. LSI Language school in the center of England’s capital London, including London and one is located in Hamstead 2 branches lively seaside town of Brighton and the world famous historic university city of Cambridge also has branches.

LSI; students the best, most convenient, comfortable class to receive training in the most effective manner, the computer labs with the latest technology, has a student lounge and free internet access. LSI Language School Students with current materials and a fully equipped language learning opportunity they get the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the four corners of the world with different cultures can recognize LSI language school making new friends and earn unforgettable experience in your life.



Since the day it was founded LAL England, America, South Africa, in countries such as Malta and a number of centers with quality English education policy acquired the world’s leading language schools. lala in the UK, including London and Torbay has two center. LAL with a 25-year history in the UK Language Schools in the area have the highly experienced instructors. Centers in the whole country has been approved by the education authorities of the country.

LAL, original and high quality education as well as students in the leisure and social activities, students can learn the language offers a pleasant environment. Maximum number of students is small and spacious in class 12 is to be taken to improve the quality of education with in-depth training opportunities. Free wifi for the benefit of the students in the school building, fully equipped computer lab where students study room and library are located. LAL Language Schools in England makes the day courses start Monday of each month.


Sprachcaffe with 30 years experience, providing quality individuals from a passion for learning English from various countries of the world. People to travel; to unite themselves with foreign cultures and studying in the UK apart from the beautiful and exciting cities are catching chance. Our 30 different language schools in the world’s major centers are sure to get the right training you want in the charming cosmopolitan city.

Sprachcaffe UK language school with you to the motherland of English in Britain’s popular center in Brighton, Devon and training opportunities in the wonderful city like London joining our sunar.ingilter language course options for native English speakers can improve your English in accordance with yourself with experienced staff program. Your language skills with special language courses and communicative teaching methods to the person intended to facilitate rapid learning process to apply to all aspects of life.



Kaplan; England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, there are over 40 language schools in the United States and Canada’s most popular destinations. Kaplan Language School located in the modern city center is committed to providing you with high quality English education in the best schools in the campus of the renowned university. All languages ​​schools, modern facilities and the location of their cultural offers easy access to the social and historical events. Kaplan UK Language Schools in England’s breathtaking beauty of each other

allows you to receive training in this amazing city. Kaplan UK Language Schools are centers in the UK’s most popular cities: London, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford, Bournemounth, Bath, Salisbury, Torquay, The MANCHESTER.



Take language as a mother tongue education in an English speaking country is a great opportunity. English becomes the homeland of this opportunity even more spectacular in the UK. As soon as you can be sure that you’ll get the maximum benefit of 25 years experience of LTC language schools.

English courses; knowledge transfer in an effective way, fluent and clear speech is designed to increase understanding. In the important centers of England; London, Brighton and our language school in Eastbourne is located in popular venues in the South of England.Independent Schools Inspectorate offers language courses and supported by the British Council. In addition, a short ride from carefully selected homestay accommodation is within easy walking distance of the preference is usually quite close to our school.

Terms of UK Visas

Made entry to the UK for training you will receive 3 visa required possibility. These Ones:

1. Au-Pair Visa Student Visa 2. 3. Academic Visit Visa

Some of the documents required for application: – Two passport size photograph – a passport – application fee, which is valid for at least six months

1. AU-PAIR-pair visa to a family in the UK to get a visa first as a candidate must be an invitation. The invitation from a family-friendly and gives information about the working conditions for au-pair candidate. Au-pair candidates should submit documents to the consulate about the presence and occupation of goods. 2. Student Visa – OSS outcome document for undergraduate education – School diplomacy and translation – university diplomacy to master – the applicant that you sent the acceptance certificate by the school (Letter of acceptance) – to have financial resources to cover your costs will occur in the UK. – The assets of the family – the salary situation of the family – 3 scholarships. Academic Visit Visa

Document will be referred to the relevant institutions in the UK within any program. You can contact the British Consulate nearest to you for more information.


When language learning and the UK Language Schools evaluated according to a global scale with the British education system, on a great variety in terms of educational institutions which attract immediate attention to be installed. This diversity is reflected in the quality and allow the application to take approximately 150 countries around the world.

Today, education is seen as a sector in the UK, is quite aware of the contribution to the treasury with great care and supervises all education institutions. In this respect, officially the British system is the term used in British fabric, so that the face is a vision of truth.